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In which Rosie gets hot on a bus and cold on a plane

Hop, skip and a jump to Mauritius

sunny 22 °C


Bus from St Andrews to Glasgow.
Honestly I wouldn't normally even include this section of the journey but it was actually one of the worst sections of a basically twenty four hour journey. It was only about 2 and a half hours, but you wouldn't think so from the amount of whingeing that went on by my adorable sister. I admit, I was uncomfy too, it was way too hot and they had the heating on so I couldn't put my feet on the floor. And I'm a fidget at the best of times. But Jeannie (my sis) panics about travel way more than she needs to. And even though I had left about five hours for us to get to airport before our flight she was still panicking about us arriving late.


Glasgow to Dubai.
Again really hot and sweaty. Unusual because planes are usually freezing. We were flying Emirates, yes! I will recommend Emirates to anybody who asks. I have, somewhat depressingly, been on about four planes a year for the last twenty years but have NEVER been in Business class or First Class. But on Emirates that's ok. You get your own little telly screen with loads of films to choose from (okay they were mainly shite but I blame Hollywood for that, not Emirates) and the leg-room's not half bad. The meal was actually pretty good though why they give you so many little lids on things I will never know. They are all liable to fall off the tray at some point during the meal and disappear under the seat in front of you. Of course having your meal tray out you can't move an inch and have to become close friends with the elbows of the person next to you if you want to so much as spread your marge. Once the tray's removed however you still can't get at whatever's fallen under the seat unless you A) are a contortionist (I actually considered this for a while when I was about 8 and I could put both legs round the back of my head) B) are Barack Obama (he has quite long arms. Also he probably has small people who will just reach things for him if he wants them) or C) give a shit.


Dubai to Mauritius
By the time we arrived in Dubai I was, I admit, in a very bad mood. I was very hot and Jeannie's constant worrying about whether we were going to make our next flight (we had 3 HOURS before it took off) was beginning to jar. If that's how you spell jar. I hate being mad at her anyway, it's like kicking Bambi. Or Elmo. Yes, we had a small fight. I wanted to go and find showers where I could make myself feel a little more human and she wanted to go to the gate. In righteous fury I did as she had wanted and arrived at the gate an hour and half before take off. This gave me plenty of time to fume while I sat in a deliberately uncomfortable position with steam coming out of my ears while Jeannie kicked off her shoes and relaxed with her iPod. All ended well however as I nipped to the bathroom to splash water on my face (and possibly my underarms if no one was watching) and quite by chance found a shower that I could just walk into. Little tip for you, people (possibly the only useful piece of information you will ever get from this blog), there are showers in some of the bathrooms in Dubai Airport that you can use for free. Yey!
The flight to Mauritius might have been good, bad or indifferent, I wouldn't know. In a rather sweet way Jeannie and I forgot our quarrel and within ten minutes had settled down to sleep on each other's shoulders. And there we stayed, she for about four and half hours, me for about five. Thank you, Nytol. Probably the less said about the breakfast the better; let's just say I don't think omelette should be steamed.

Well now I'm here I'm sure I'll have other things to tell you about endless beautiful days relaxing in the sunshine...my tan is already looking rather good.
Gotta love and leave ya now
Cheers X

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