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Hello, I missed you all. I know, I was gone ages but I have been very very very busy. By my standards anyway. In fact I shouldn't really be writing this now because I have an essay to write and I have to finish it today. It's about D. H. Lawrence and Thomas Hardy so is a tad on the dry side.
Anyway I just thought I'd quickly tell you all about the day that Jeannie and I went on the catamaran, mainly just to cheer myself up.
Basically it was a really good day, apart from the weather. I couldn't believe how crap it was, I mean this is Mauritius for God's sake! It rained pretty much none stop; the kind of sharp, angular rain which actually hurts your face, especially if you are already on a boat (is it wrong to call a catamaran a boat?) going pretty fast anyway. Needless to say I dealt with it by starting on the vodkas and coke at about 11.00 (don't judge me most people started way earlier!) and allowing the gentle alcohol haze to warm me up. Poor Jeannie feels the cold a lot and so was a bit miserable for some of it. At one point we actually decided to go swimming in the sea to warm ourselves up. This may not sound so weird because the Indian Ocean's supposed to warm right? Wrong! It was freezing the whole time we were there. Even my mum who comes from a family of dedicated campers, hikers and outdoor lovers in the miserable English summer was wimping out and saying, 'No, it's too cold, I think I'll just go and have a mint infusion instead.' WUSS!
Anyways (Why do I keep saying that), the fish were amazing, I think the best I've ever seen in Mauritius. I love to creep out the really big, slow-moving ones by continuing to swim directly above them. We saw one that was ENORMOUS! Of course I love the really big ones and the diddy ones the best. There was a school of tiny ickle bickle newborn zebra fish, each of which was about as big as my thumbnail. On several occasions I had that frustrating moment that snorkelling often brings when you see something so gorgeous that you want to tell the person you're with about it, and they're really not that far away from you, but yell as you might you can't get them to hear you. It's a very odd sort of world, really. The way you can just be treading water at one point and be deafened by radios on the decks of the catamarans and by groups of people getting more and more drunk, and then suddenly you plunge your head into a silent, slow-motion world where it's not raining and there are no waves, just a slightly insidious drag that every so often you realise has taken you far away from your boat while you were mesmerised by the colours of the effortlessly graceful fish. Wow that was along sentence! Breathe now.
Anyway that was that. We swam, we snorkelled, we ate seafood by the bucketful, we had embarrassing photos taken of us in our cozzies and then I ended by tipsily joining in with the (yummy) captain on a duet of 'Hey Jude'. Yes ladies and gentleman that, as they say, is the life!

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